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  • NIFES National Conference Centre

    NIFES National Conference Centre

    ..an atmosphere for spiritual growth!

    NIFES National Conference Centre exists as a Centre for rest, retreat, refreshment, capacity building for individual, National, and Global Transformation.

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  • Witness Conference 2013

Welcome to NIFES

In every student that steps into the campus is a potential to be great and useful to God’s kingdom and humanity. In them is the great reservoir that contains the answers to this world’s unanswered questions and solutions to the world’s problems. They are arrows that could be targeted to nab all the challenges of our day and make it the kingdom of our God. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, shape a student and you would have shape the future.
NIFES’ core values are: Evangelical Heritage, Biblical Discipleship, Leadership Development, Organizational Integrity and Accountability, Students Initiatives, Inter-denominational and Non-Denominational, Missions, Academic and Vocational Excellence, Promotion of reading culture particularly of Christian Literature, Promoting Christian maturity through small groups.


The Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) is an indigenous, non-governmental interdenominational organization of evangelical Christian students in Nigeria tertiary institution. We reach out to students through Small Group Bible Studies, Evangelism, prayers meetings, Large Group Meetings, biblical Discipleship and life-changing Leadership Training , Conference.

Our Mission

NIFES exists to reach out to Students through Evangelism and Discipleship Training, to mobilize them upon graduation to impact the campus, church and society with godly values.

Our Vision

To be a movement of Christ-like students in Nigeria’s tertiary institutions transforming the campus, and society upon graduation.

Our Cardinal Objectives :

  • Evangelism: Giving every student an opportunity to respond to Jesus Christ
  • Discipleship: Helping students know Jesus and building a lifelong relationship with Him that result in daily development of godly virtues.
  • Leadership: Developing multiplying leaders in students through, modeling, shared leadership and trainings that will give them distinctive advantage anywhere, anytime and under any condition.
  • Missions: Challenging students about their stewardship responsibility to the unreached and providing opportunities for response.
  • Student Initiative: Releasing students ingenuity for gospel engagement;‘ students reaching out-to- students’.


“NIFES has given me the best gift one can get in life: that is the gift of knowing Christ; NIFES has been a guide and a watch man for me on campus”— Apeh Monday

“NIFES has taught me to study God’s word, to trust in God, depend on Him for even the smallest of things NIFES has trained me to be a leader”—  Gambo Elizabeth