• Witness Conference 2013
  • NIFES National Conference Centre

    NIFES National Conference Centre

    ..an atmosphere for spiritual growth!

    NIFES National Conference Centre exists as a Centre for rest, retreat, refreshment, capacity building for individual, National, and Global Transformation.

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  • Witness Conference 2013

Welcome to NIFES

…building tomorrow’s leaders today!

In every student that steps into the campus is a potential to be great and useful to God’s kingdom and humanity. The Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES) is an indigenous, non-governmental interdenominational organization of evangelical Christian students  in Nigeria tertiary institution. We reach out to students through small group Bible Studies, Evangelism, Prayers meetings, Large Group Meetings, Biblical Discipleship, Life-changing Leadership Training and Conference. In them is the great reservoir that contains the answers to this world’s unanswered questions and solutions to the world’s problems. They are arrows that could be targeted to nab all the challenges of our day and make it the kingdom of our God.

 Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, shape a student and you would have shaped the future.

NIFES … where Students Reach out to students under the Guidance of Staff and Partnership of Associates.