A NIFES Associate is someone who has interest in the vision of NIFES. The person can be a NIFES graduate, or a non-NIFES graduates. Associate of NIFES are resource persons, Associate training secretary, volunteer staff and staff of NIFES.


An associate of NIFES, can serve in;

  • Regular and consistent intercession for the work of the Ministry, through the use of NIFES Epaphras.
  • Serving as Resource Persons: Helping to motivate and mobilize other Associates for the work of the ministry.
  • Motivating your Alumni Fellowships to see as one of its project, funding the Zonal operations.
  • Motivating your church and Christian friends in your workplace.
  • Serving as members of Task Committee, e.g. for the planning of Conferences and other programs.
  • Resource Persons: Bible Teachers, Preachers, and Expositors at Fellowship meetings, Conferences and Training.
  • Schools Visitation/One-on-One Ministry (For Counselling, adoption and modelling not just for pulpit ministry).

The Campus presents a pool of youths that cannot be found elsewhere. From many nations, peoples, religions and background, they are gathered together for one purpose: to study. It is therefore a unique mission field. The needs on campus today are so real and diverse in nature. It is a complex mission field. The spiritual, moral, material, academic and social needs are overwhelming. The truth remains that the campus today is in dire need of the gospel. It is a mission field, waiting to be harnessed. It is field ripe for harvest. The hope of the Church and the nation is on our campuses and this is where God has called us to LABOUR.

The A.T.S is an associate whose responsibility is to provide counselling, mentorship and supervision to campuses under his care. He does these by regular campuses visitation to the campuses, involvement in the campus program and provision of counselling to the students.

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