Post Campus Training

This is the last training for NIFES students that is designed to equip Final Year Students preparing them for life beyond the campus.

A final year brother/sister is a student who is in his/her last year in the discipline of study on a particular campus or school. The number of years spent to get to the final year varies from school to school. He/she must have gone through the rigors of the campus life with its challenges and struggles and is now at the peak, at the last lap, at the end of it. The wise man in Ecclesiastes tells us that “the end of a thing is better than its beginning.

He or she is a student who spends sleepless nights, faced with the struggles and challenges of graduating with a good and excellent result. It can be painful if all the toils end up with failures. This can be traumatic for such a student. The parable of the ten virgins warns us to be well guarded at all times- to avoid suddenness and miss the final year event. This implies diligence, the need for good planning, mapping out strategies for adequate preparations in a continuous, consistent and persistent reading and studying, start early enough, see Proverbs 6:6-8; “Go to the sluggard, consider their ways and be wise; which having no guide, overseer or ruler provides her meat in the summer and gathers her food in the harvest”. The ants know the operations of the time. The instruction is….be wise now oh final years on campus.

The training is developed to enlighten the Final Year brethren on what Life after school looks like and how to overcome challenges they will face in the new world.

Some of the topics that are discussed during the training are Market Place Christian, Biblical View of Work, Sustaining The Vision: NIFES Associate Ministry, The Pursuit of Excellence/Dare to Excel, The Priority of Finishing Strong: The Race to Eternity and others. 

Associate Ministry

A NIFES Associate is someone who has an interest in the vision of NIFES. The person can be a NIFES graduate or non-NIFES graduates. Associate of NIFES is resource persons, Associate training secretary, volunteer staff and staff of NIFES.

The department is in charge of the NIFES Associate Community Fellowship (NACF), which is a network that binds NIFES Associates together.

It is in light of this the Department of Associate over the years has continued to mobilize our Associates to demonstrate their commitment to NIFES by praying, giving and partnering with staff in discipling students on the campuses because these students are without a doubt are the future leaders of the Church and society. Failure to support the cause of the gospel in reaching them today means preparing for a woeful tomorrow.

The popularly known Associates' forum was designated as NIFES Associates Community Fellowship (NACF) during the 43rd Governing Council Meeting held on Saturday, 4th August 2001, to achieve a sense of family and community. NACF is designed in such a way to make it easier for people who may not be graduates of NIFES but are interested in the Ministry to still be part of what the Lord is doing in and through NIFES. This is not meant to be another denominational setup and we as a fellowship will ensure it does not become one.

NIFES Associates Community Fellowship (NACF) exists for the developmental growth of the Associates and their families for effective ministry both within and outside the ministry of NIFES. Everyone has been specially endowed by the Lord with gifts, talents, and abilities for the building of the church. NACF is an avenue for the expression and development of such. It is expected that the forum would deliberately invest in this while maintaining the inter-denominational stance of the ministry of NIFES.


A final year brother or sister in a NIFES group after leaving campus will be graduating into the national NIFES Alumni known as the NIFES Associates Forum, Isaiah 62:6. They meet in forums in the different cities, once every month to pray but because they have to pray with the knowledge, they create short times of discussions and reports of the happenings in the different NIFES groups in that city. This forum can be held at NACF level and at Zonal level.

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