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77 or ?? (Examination Malpractice 2)

77 or ?? (Examination Malpractice 2)

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The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat” 2 Thessalonians 3: 10

Some students and I visited a church where the preacher shared a famous story of a boy who was marked with two question marks (“??”) in an examination due to how incorrect his answers were. While inputting the test scores, the teacher misread the two question marks (“??”) as “77”. Thus, this Christian boy had an A! Can you imagine the lesson from this sermon? Many students and youths kept shouting: “YES,” I receive this miracle! “Wonderful God – Grade changer!” to my uttermost shock!

Honestly, the level of laziness among students is alarming. Even some of our Churches and messages from the Pulpits encourage laziness by teaching some strange “hyper-spirituality” rites -- like praying for pens, anointing papers, reading with tongues, wearing of the mantle, etc. This is so sad and shouldn’t be mentioned amongst believers. 

What general warnings and instructions did Paul give the Church on hard work? What lessons can Christian students, youths and leaders learn from Paul’s example in verses 7-9? Note that Paul did not ask them to pray for food but to work as well. Prayer is essential but prayer without work will yield no fruit. Likewise, you need to pray for understanding only as you work hard to study – if you desire to excel.

Finally, as an employer, I have found most young Christian job applicants to be “unemployable” due to deep lack of knowledge. The Gospel stirs a passion beyond just getting good grades. It is expedient to desire and acquire sufficient knowledge and develop oneself intellectually in our fields, so that we could serve God’s kingdom in this world. This motivation gives us a stronger reason to be students of integrity and hard work.



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