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Abortion - Dealing With the Murder of Babies: A Call to Repentance

Abortion - Dealing With the Murder of Babies: A Call to Repentance

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They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters” Psalm 106: 38

I was conversing with a student, and I asked her what she thought of the transgendered phenomenon. Her reply was shocking. “Many students will embrace transitioning if the process was as safe and affordable as abortion.” That discussion broke my heart as she went on to reveal the mass number of abortions that take place in her campus - thanks to pills.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 40-50 million abortions take place each year in the world and 125,000 – everyday. That means that in every second, heaven hears the cry of another innocent blood sacrificed on the altar of abortion. How great shall be the wrath of God on this generation?

What does Psalm 139:13-14 teach? God knit babies with plans, purposes and entrusted such great treasures to us. What do we do with such gifts? Ignore, support or worse still, partake in this sin of abortion?  Human life is sacred, holy, and precious to God. God’s judgement in all Scriptures from Genesis 9:5 to the Law, had a capital punishment for anyone who consciously took human life.


However, the Gospel also reveals the unrelenting love of God (verse 44-48 of our text) which is manifested in the Cross of Jesus Christ if we cry to God in repentance for ourselves and our generation.


PRAYER: Dear Father, forgive every young man and woman who have slayed a child you created in your image.

Chima Ezirim


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