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Productivity is Achievable

Productivity is Achievable

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Welcome to the second half of the year. It's been a long ride from the beginning of the year and we hope for better closure in 2021.

Certainly individually and corporately, we have made goals and plans for the year, Some goals were achieved, others are still pending. Although, it is the seventh of Twelve months, yet it is not too late to get some things done and achieve productivity.

We recommend these tips to have a productive July:

✓Set and review your goals

✓Get your calendar in order

✓Break down your monthly goals into weekly and daily goals

✓Create a checklist of the tasks that you have done and the projects you have completed

✓Give yourself little rewards

✓Avoid procrastinating tasks

✓Create a to-do list that will help you track your progress

✓Limit your use of social media (if you are not making money through it)

That is quite some handful tips we have for you to run with this month and to usher in the month of July with the spirit of productivity

In French, we say Bienvenu Juillet (Welcome July).

Cheers to a productive July.


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