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Our Distinctive

Our Distinctivenes as a Ministry

What distinguishes us from other ministries?

We are campus based

hence we operate primarily in the tertiary institutions of learning.

We are Evangelical. Evangelical means we are Bible-based

We are a Bible believing Fellowship. We believe in the Holy Scriptures – the Bible as the inspired word of God and seek to live in conformity to it. We believe in the infallibility of the Word of God as the only inspired word that can change the lives of men, and also prepare them for eternity. 

We are committed to Evangelism and Biblical Discipleship

Discipleship is a cardinal concern in our ministry pursuit.

We are committed to students’ leadership and initiative

Being a fellowship of students reaching students, we encourage students’ initiative and leadership based on Biblical principles.

We are a fellowship

We meet as a group on campus and are committed to Prayer, Inductive Bible Study, Evangelism and Workshops that help students to grow in Christian maturity.

We are interdenominational and non–denominational

Interdenominational means our membership cuts across all denominations. Non-denominational means we are not a local church and do not align with any particular denominational group. We, however, recognize and identify with the witness of local churches and serve them by reaching out to students while on campus. In this position we stand to be enriched by the diverse traditions of various denominational experiences, without having any imposed on us as a movement. We also recognize the diverse backgrounds of our student members. We are sensitive to providing each and every one with an interdenominational forum for worship and service.

We work in partnership with local churches

We are interdenominational and encourage active participation in the work and witness of the Church in Nigeria and other countries.  We are committed to serving the local Churches. We serve the local Churches by building up the students while in school and redirecting them back to their Churches after school where they serve as Pastors, Ministers and Church workers.

We are an indigenous National Movement

ndigenous means we are an autonomous national movement within Nigeria. While we have affiliation and relationships with similar movements’ world–wide, we are self–governing, self–propagating and self–supporting.

We are committed to world-mission and service to the society.

We are affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)

and thus work in partnership with other National movements worldwide to reach the students world for Jesus Christ.


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No. 22 JD Gomwalk Boulevard GRA, Jos, Plateau State.
(+234) 816-285-2239


We are affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES): and thus, work in partnership with other National Member Movements worldwide, to reach the Students’ World for Christ.